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Looking for ideas that is typography based and coincides with a roller coaster theme for t-shirts. Any ideas would help!

How much are you paying?

Just doing it as a favor, but struggling to get started.

I think he meant how much are you willing to pay us to do your idea work for you? Ideas are the job - that’s for you to come up with. What ideas have you already sketched? What can you show us that you’ve tried? You’ll have more luck asking for feedback on your work than asking for ideas.

Hits the billable time button, and a small clock begins to tick in the background

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Based on another post around here somewhere, this is a high school kid doing a t-shirt project for a class trip. RKK helped them out.
Don’t pile on.

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Thanks PD :slight_smile:

@atmayo12 that is a huge question. It’s like a needle in a haystack. Again, I’m going to suggest a Google search to get a starting point.

I searched “Amusement Park Typography” and this is what came up. See what strikes your fancy.

Another thing you can do is go to a Typography site like DaFont and type in a word you are using and see what it looks like in different fonts.

Click on those links in blue and it should help :slight_smile:

You could use this font:

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