Rookie's question!

Just wondering about being a freelance or hired illustrators, which is the good one to get start with when new into this industry and how will the experience be different from choosing being freelancer or hired at the start? Or what are the specific roles are needed? :)))

Hi Cathy. Welcome to the forum.

Are you asking about the differences between being a freelance designer versus being hired in a staff position? If yes, being a freelancer requires you have the skills to run your own business, including handling relevant taxes, liability insurance and client acquisition - not to mention accounts payable - because when you freelance, you are responsible for chasing up overdue payment(s) which can become rather time consuming.

When hired in a staff job, you are not responsible for getting clients, figuring out what taxes to pay/charge or how much insurance you might need to cover errors and/or omissions. And you get a regular paycheck even if the client has not yet paid your employer.

Hope this helps!

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Are you just talking about full time illustrators? There aren’t that many full time jobs for illustrators so many illustrators are freelancers.

To do this, you’ll need a great portfolio and many illustrators sign up with agencies who hustle for work on their behalf (for a fee). It is a good idea to sign on to several agencies if possible.

If you go the freelance route, make sure you have all your business registration and taxes in order.

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