Round corner scaling in Illustrator

Hi everyone. I’m struggling with Illustrator and don’t know what to Google…

I’md designing a logo and when scaling only one set of the round corners scales (until it’s almost round) I DO NOT want it to do this and want it to hold it’s shape at any size. The other 3 boxes are not doing it… I’ve tried Object > Expand but it doesn’t do anything?


Its either scale corners, or scale strokes and effects in the preferences.

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Thank you! That worked!

Any thoughts as to why it did it to the dark blue square and not the others? Just curious for the future.

Its hard to say. I guess it depends on how it was made. A guess may be if the white shapes were knocked out of the other shapes it most likely expanded those shapes. So, the dark blueish/gray one was the only one affected.

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