Rules around logo design

Can anyone tell me what the general rules are around logo design when the title of a company have a color in it. eg. Green Space, Red House - do you have to have green or red as a color. IT makes sense that you would but it limits your options, when the client asks - can we have it in another color?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks

It only took a few moments to find an example


General rules of a logo - there are no rules, you’re the designer you make the decisions based on your briefing with the clients.

There are certain industries that do tend to go with certain colours

Sites like that are dime a dozen on the internet.

I’d buy a few books around the matter if I were you.

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The only rule is that the solution needs to work. There are certainly some rules of thumb (optional rules that usually work) to get there, though.

If the name of the company were, say, Orange Dog, the obvious logo would be an orange dog. It wouldn’t need to be, though, but using something else instead would be wasting an opportunity. It would also constantly beg the question as to why the logo wasn’t a reflection of the obvious.

I remember an article years ago in a Step-by-Step Graphics (yes, I’m an old fart) about a jeans company that was called Blue. Their logo was the word BLUE either set in white or black in an orange square. I remember thinking it was a nice branding program. This was before the internet as we know it, so I doubt searching for “blue jeans” will show this company.

Thanks @Smurf2 for the links, I actually have the 1st book. @Just-B that’s kinda what I thought but then they asked for it in another color but the design was to the brief! @Steve_O - I too was around before the internet! Appreciate your responses, has helped clear up some logo mental block! Thank you.

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We’ve all been there. Client takes over - the logo is nowhere near what it was.

That’s reassuring!

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