Run Mortals 😱

Boston Dynamics showed their four-legged robot dog SpotMini doing a new trick. By joining and leading a small army the Robots can move heavy objects together – for example pulling a truck.

The clip shows 10 specialized Spotmini derivatives called Spotpower hauling a box truck across a parking lot — and at a one-degree incline. There was a driver behind the wheel during the demonstration, probably to prevent accidents, but the vehicle itself was in neutral.

They have been showing off their robotic skills for a while, but these are in production now and soon to hit the market.


The sound is terrifying on a whole new level.

Call Will Smith

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Could you ride one of those things? Might be the answer to all-terrain commuting.

Robo-Rodeo might be entertaining - robot could be controlled by an ex or a corrections officer etc. Damn that would make good tv.

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Wonder what their battery life is. Would make a great ‘horse.’

You know these are just The Dogs of War, right?

Google used to own Boston Dynamics. Not too long ago Google sold it to a Japanese firm.
For some reason that does not make me feel any better about these.

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Headless robot dogs are just creepy.

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Absolutely that’s what they are. Someone in the comments on one of the articles said … “It’s probably the last sound you will hear one day”


It’ll either be that, or the death scream of the other guy I’m outrunning.

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