Same company two apps, how to distinguish icon?

I’m currently stuck on a design problem and I’d love some advice from all you pro designers out there.

I was tasked to design icons for two separate apps for the same company. One of the apps is for patients to check-in for clinic consultation, and the other app is for clinics to facilitate the check-in process. Both apps are currently just named after the company. My boss wants to use our company logo for both app icons, but customers keep downloading the wrong version of the app. We tried adding “DR” to the clinic version icon and specifying that it’s the “Clinic Version” in the title but people still kept mixing them up.

How should I design the two logos so that they look distinctive and easy to tell apart, while still using the company logo? Is renaming the apps necessary?

Your boss is wrong, and patients shouldn’t have access to download the office-side app.

^ This.

So what you mean is that I should convince my boss to only release the patient-side app on Play Store for public access, while we have our staff privately install the clinic-side app on clinic devices, am I right?

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I agree with HotButton. Why is the private app publicly available if it’s not meant for the public to use. I’m not an app developer, but doesn’t Google Play have an option for private distribution?

I’m not aware that Google Play has this option. If so, it should solve the problem. Thanks for the heads up! Maybe?

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I think you’ll have to rename the apps otherwise with the company logo on both app icons will still confuse people.

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