Same design but different client?

I designed a kids prayer book for a Synagogue a few years ago. I just got an email from the woman i worked with and she said another person from a different Synagogue asked if it is possible to somehow pay the designer for the right to use the work, which is already created, but change to the cover to have their logo on it. They want to know what I would charge. I’m curious if anyone else has dealt with a similar situation. Would you charge the full price you charged the first client or a discounted price since most of the work is done? (I also like to keep in mind that these clients are not-for-profit organizations). Any advice is appreciated. THANKS!

I realized that i forgot to add that the first client has no issues with the same design being used for the other place.

Exact same thing happens to me all the time.

I have a contract that spells out rights and deliverables, among other things. I’m clear from the beginning that I retain all rights and I am licensing limited rights to them to use the design. If they want exclusive use of a design, effectively taking it out of circulation, I charge a higher price. Logos are the exception and are always exclusive to that client.

My client base is a little unusual. It’s a lot of local service organizations, local non-profits, etc, that aren’t in competition. They network and share ideas. It’s not like for-profit businesses that are trying to slit each other’s throats. My clients are working on a limited budget and appreciate a cheaper option, even if it means non-exclusive usage.

If I was in your position… I’d get a mailing list of other synagogues, figure out a flat rate for licensing the design from here on out, and see if there are others interested in having it personalized for them as well. I’d broker the printing too. Get wholesale pricing from a printer, then charge the client retail and keep the difference, which would earn me 10-20% on printing. And accept credit cards so the payment is in advance.


I’d follow @Mojo’s advice as well as update your contract to allow for some of these designs to be sold as templates.

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Great replies here. I would charge maybe 50–75% of the original fee.

Mojo has a good answer.

You have to look at your contract because the rights you have to artwork you’ve made for others is generally only usable by you under “fair use” laws - meaning (mainly) for self promotion. So that book might not be yours to sell in the first place.

You can still charge hourly fee for modifying design.
I think it’s reasonable to charge for the time you are going to spend.

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