Same images pixelating for smaller asset

Among my jobs is doing a bunch of promo stuff for print with the same sponsor logos on (as in, different assets, same sponsors). Kit is InDesign, PShop and Illustrator.

One of the assets is a 2-metre high printed banner, and another is an A6 postcard.

The images to be fair are generally .eps, a couple of .pngs, and a couple of .jpgs, but the 2m banner is fine - it looks, dare I say it, lovely. all the edges are nice and crispy as can be according to their format and size.

The postcard, however, which links to EXACTLY the same images, is making some of the .pngs and .jpgs really pixy.

The export settings for each are all the same.

Anyone got any ideas as to why this is and who I should attack viciously? I’m completely stumped.

You really haven’t provided enough detail to get help troubleshooting this. You’re comparing two pieces, but you don’t mention the type(s) of output upon which your judgements are based. Are you comparing PDF exports, physical prints, or what?

If those png’s and jpg’s are sponsor logos (IOW, items that should be vector graphics, as opposed to continuous tone images), it could just be that the smaller sizes don’t afford enough pixels to render them cleanly.

Did you print out the postcards or just looking at them on screen? All kinds of things can go wrong with screen preview, especially if .eps files are involved.
Print one and re-evaluate