Samsung Launch Galaxy Book Series

Galaxy Book Pro 360
Galaxy Book Pro
Galaxy Book

And you can get up to 32gb RAM

I couldn’t find any mention of which operating system this laptop uses, which is sort of critical, as in one of the main considerations. I’m assuming it runs on Android, like the Galaxy tablet I own (and like), which would limit its usefulness for me as a laptop. I still would like one, though, but not for €1800. Maybe I’m missing something.

It’s in the Specs - it’s Windows 64bit.

Here’s a better link

If it was anything other it would be a Chromebook - I think.

There’s different models at different price points.

Ahh, that’s more like it. I looked and couldn’t find mention of the OS. The Galaxy name sort of threw me off given that Galaxy tablets run on Android.

As a full-fledged Windows machine, the price seems more reasonable. As you know, I prefer the Mac OS, but I really wouldn’t mind having one of these.

Yeh they look pretty good. Price point again. But seem to be built for mid power and portability.

I like the Samsung range. And they had an event launch there that’s how I came across these.

They are concentrating on connective devices. From your computer to lights to washing machine fridges house alarms and pretty much everything.

I like the look of the new new Samsung Galaxy Books though. But need more info.

They look pretty slick, will be interesting to see the price tag!

Am not an Apple fan (I hate how incompatible they are with other devices!), but can totally appreciate why designers buy their products. Good to see Samsung developing a decent alternative.

I think the cheapest starts at €599 and up to almost 2k.
I blame Apple for the pricing models… ha ha

Defo think my next computer will be Samsung - as I believe my wife may be getting me the Galaxy 21 Ultra+ for my birthday.

Just need to wangle the idea that I also need a new laptop.

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