Samsung s8 tablet for graphic design

Hey everyone!
I’m look at getting a Samsung s8 tab for photo editing and digital drawing. Is it worth it? I’m unsure as I don’t have any knowledge of tablets. I would like it to be compatible with my laptop hance why I’m not looking at apple, that just to make it easier for myself.
If you think I should consider an apple please let me know I don’t have any apple users I can ask😅.

Thank you all in advance.

Photo editing and digital drawing is not graphic design. Sure you can use a tablet for those two things. Doesn’t have to be Apple. I know a lot of folks who do digital art on tablets. Just be sure that if you have a favorite app to draw in, that it ports to the tablet you want to get. I have no use for tablets so don’t know the s8.

But as for graphic design in the professional sense, no, a tablet will not do it.

I own a Samsung tablet that I really like — the A7. It’s cheaper and less powerful than the S8 you’re asking about, but I only use it for travel, watching movies, and that sort of thing.

I know illustrators who like to work on these kinds of tablets; for that and limited photo editing, a tablet could work, although doing so seems awkward to me. As @PrintDriver mentioned, using a handheld tablet for more than that, such as serious graphic design work, seems unrealistic to the point of being a non-starter.