Satellite Images

Does anyone have experience and/or recommendations for good websites to get satellite imagery from? I am working on a project for a developer, and I need a high res image without labels or tags. I did a quick search, and it looks like there are options out there; but I am hoping someone here has direct experience that could make a recommendation. If not, I will wade through the search results to find something legit. Thanks.

I used to use DigitalGlobe but I just looked them up and they are gone. Sorry. (they got eaten by Maxar then a private equity firm so it seems.)
Are you looking for just aerial imagery or true satellite geospatial stuff?

I suppose either one would work. I need an area approximately 3 miles x 2 miles to use as a base image. I’ll add property boundaries and annotations over that and then make a print in the 30" x 20" range.