Saving an InDesign Trifold Brochure using Mockup

Hi All, can someone tell me how I would save a trifold brochure that is created in InDesign so that I can mockup each panel? Because it only has two spreads it would be hard to export for mockup when it needs to show all 6 panels. I don’t have the time to print it out so I need to add it to my portfolio so I was wondering what the working around would be instead of having to create it in InDesign as 6 separate pages. Is there some kind of script or other workaround? I had set the document as 11.5 X 8.5 inches with 2 pages. Inside measurments from left to right 3.607, 3.667 and 3.725, the outside measurement from left to right is 3.725, 3.667 and 3.607. Thanks in advance…

If you could elaborate or show an example of what you’re after, that would be helpful. You say you don’t have time to print t out so you need to add it to your portfolio. Are we to assume you want to add this to a digital portfolio? Do you have a Photoshop mockup you want to drop your design into?

Maybe I’m old school, but I layout trifolds in Indesign as 6 page files (for front and back of each fold) like so.

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 1.16.45 PM

You could do the same and then just copy and paste your current content on to the new spreads and should be good to go.

Hi Steve_O, I was planning on using a pre-made mockup template. I guess I will just have to manipulate the pages in the mockup so that only the proper panels show up.

Craig, that makes sense but the only thing is that not all the panels are the same dimensions.

Ok, got you Craig, didn’t see your copy and paste comment.

No need to copy and paste.
File place and places the InDesign file directly.

@Smurf2 I mention copy and paste because it would be going from one page size to 3 side by side pages. And @charm you can create your 3 side by side panels as different sizes.

Yes indeed. I’ve been up for 17 hours straight.

Just thought as it’s not being printed out it would be ok for this purpose.

I don’t know what your mockup template looks like. But if it’s what I’m thinking, I’d just grab screen captures (or rasterized exports) of the panels, paste them into the Photoshop mockup and use Photoshop’s Transform > Distort to get the perspective right. Then I’d do a bit of touch-up to make it look natural.

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Hi Just-B that seems to be the easiest solution. Thanks. Thanks everyone.

I tried to resize each page to the dimensions I needed. I also changed the master but not sure why my pages are now showing two pages together and one page by itself. This would normally not be a problem but for the outside panels I have a background that spans all three pages. Maybe just tweaking in PhotoShop is the better solution, InDesign can be a head scratcher.
Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 3.40.18 PM

Uncheck the “Allow Document Pages to Shuffle” and you should be able to place them all side by side.

Hi CraigB, I don’t have that option selected. I do see that in your screenshot you have “Allow Selected Spread to Shuffle” selected. I tried selecting that (already have "Allow Document to Shuffle unselected) but nothing happens.

Use the page tool from the tool bar on the left.

Click and Drag the page into position.

It should snap

If not working, select the page with the page tool and use x y coord to move exactly.

See my post above. You’ve resixlzed the pages and now they are separated. You just need to move back to the correct position with the page tool

Smurf2 thank you so much, never even knew about that tool.

I vaguely remember an issue similar to what you are showing when you resize using the page tool after placing them side by side. I believe if you drag page below the spread, let go, then grab it again and drag it back it snaps. Perhaps. I’ll see if I can duplicate the issue on my end.

EDIT: I see that @Smurf2 solved it.

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Hi Craig, what Smurf2 said worked. Thanks everybody!

I start with a page the size of the unfolded sheet, and add guides to show where the creases and margins go. For a Z-fold (concertina), each panel is the same size; for a C fold (roll fold) the panel that tucks in is narrower.

If I want to make a mockup, I can export PDFs or JPEGs and crop down for each panel, then use Rotate and Shear in InDesign to build the visual.

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