Saving Indesign in Sharepoint and then updating?

Hi, I have a question which maybe has a simple answer (hopefully).

I’ve run into this a couple of times but it doesn’t appear to happen every time?

I have created an indesign file and saved this to SharePoint (SP). Then when re-opening that file from SP, and making any edits, on pressing save, the action takes place on SP but the file is not updated in the SP location?

So for a long time, I’ve been saving work, only to revisit later to notice those updates have not taken place.

There is a workaround and I can ‘SAVE AS’ and give the file and updated name, but why doesn’t a simple ‘SAVE’ work?

Sorry if the answer is simple and if this has been asked before! I would appreciate any feedback on this. (I have googled, but can’t find a simple answer!?!?!?)

You’re probably better off downloading it locally - updating it - then reuploading to the sharepoint.

It’s probably to do with how InDesign is handling IDLK (hidden file open to prevent two people opening at the same time) and this is probably causing a conflict in the ‘cloud’ area - maybe your file is saved in a hidden folder somewhere on your computer, but it’s not syncing with Sharepoint).

I’d suggest working locally then updating manually.

I don’t use Sharepoint. We use Dropbox here.
If your sync speed isn’t all that great, you are probably getting the conflict that Smurf is talking about. That hidden file is what updates first and sometimes it is ‘in use’ while you are making another save and it won’t overwrite. So you close out, thinking you’re done, when the server is not.
I use Dropbox on a very speedy hard-wired connection. Works fine. At home, when I work on wi-fi things get glitchy so I hardwire there too, to get the speed (unless I want to work out on the patio in the fresh air with my coffee and cat, then it’s download, work and re-upload.)

This happens too with Illustrator, not so much the save, but getting the error message that “this file has been modified outside of Illustrator.” That message also has something to do with synching.

Adobe does not recommend working directly off a server. They will tell you to download and work locally. Gotta say, I don’t do that, unless the file is very large and I need to work very fast to get a rush job on the press. I hate waiting for Dropbox to sync on a good day. Hate it worse under pressure.