Saving PSD file very small for email

I am working with some files in Photoshop which when saved are over 20MB. The files are intended to be sent via email and are required to be less than 1MB without the quality of the photos or type being too terrible. I have been driving myself crazy trying different ways of saving the files. I have deleted extra layers, and flattened the image. Nothing seems so be working without making the images appear extremely blurry. Can someone assist me with this?

If you just want to send a big file to someone you can put it in Dropbox, copy the link, then send the link to the person via email. Then they click the link to download.

Thank you. Yes I have used drop box. The client needs is saved at a small file size so that THEY can send it out in an email thread.

Yeah. Send me that 4c full-page magazine cover image. Any format will do as long as it’s under 20K.

If you shared it through dropbox, the link you provide should allow others to download it. Why do they need it as a layered PSD file? Or at least if they are sending it out in an email thread, can it not be a flattened JPEG or PNG, etc.?

Sending an image with text via email is a really uh…dumb idea.
If it is an email advertising spamblast, even dumber.
A lot of people these days have their email set to strip out images. Things are much faster that way. If I want to see em, I download em and guess what? If I don’t know you, that is not likely to happen. At work it’s done automatically.

There’s no way they need to be anything but a tiny fraction of that size for HTML email.

The photo rarely needs to be wider than 1,000 pixels and the photo should not make up the entire email. Instead, an HTML email is essentially a web page set via email. There might be some jpeg or png images here and there, but the bulk of it should be text.

Reading through your post a second time, though, I’m a little confused. Will the photo be sent out as a photo that’s included in an email? Or are you talking about an HTML email where images just make up some of the layout graphics, etc. in the email.

If you’re really proposing to send out a large, high-quality photo in email, well, it can’t really be done unless you squeeze it down to the byte size you need.

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