Scam Job? Legacy Pharmaceutical

I’ve recently been using UpWork to looks for freelance jobs, which has proven pretty reliable up until this last one I am going to talk about. Last week I submitted a proposal to a post searching for a team of freelancers to work on a variety of projects. Within 3 days I received a response that included a pdf letter from a company called Legacy Pharmaceuticals asking me to interview for a position and telling me to contact a “hiring coordinator” named Frank Huerta through the messaging app Line. I was a little sussed out at this, why would they be using Line of all apps and why not email? Nevertheless I went along with it, since the job market for art jobs is pretty bleak right now and I’ve been somewhat desperate. I scheduled and interview and he told me that it would not be video and would instead be conducted over Line to “see my writing and communication skills” since this would be a remote job. Second red flag. Went along with the interview anyway because why not. The questions seemed professionals be pretty legit so I started feeling somewhat better about it. Then they contacted me about 30 minutes after i interviewed telling me I got the job. This seemed way too good to be true ( the pay was supposed to be 40$ an hour for an entry level position). I opened the attached letters they emailed to me and was immediately sussed out. Some spelling errors and their logo and watermark was super grainy. They also asked me to immediately send photos of my ID which was the last straw. Sent somewhat of an aggressive message to “Frank Huerta” telling him to stop contacting me (because he didn’t stop when I stopped answering him) and he has not responded so I have concluded it is a scam. I think it’s pretty shitty that people are trying to scam artists right now and wanna make sure no one else falls for this shit.

You might want to run a virus and malware scan on your computer if you opened any files from this, which it sounds like you did.

Word i definitely will, you’re right.

Did this come through UpWork? If so, you might want to give them a heads up too?

Report them through UpWork.

Any job that is asking you to interview through 3rd party apps i.e GoogleHangouts is generally a scam.
If you’re doing work through UpWork specifically they ask not to take the work or conversation of the site so they can moderate and protect users.

I also don’t know anyone who wants your ID in the freelancing world.

That’s not the way a pharmaceutical company usually operates. Try Googling.

Ah Google. As Homer said about beer. It’s the answer to and the problem to all of life’s problems!

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