Scholarships for Masters in Graphic Design - USA

Hi, I want to find scholarships in USA for masters in Graphic Design, preferably fully funded scholarships, but others would also be welcomed. Thank you!

Have you tried google?
Most of the ones I saw on the first page of the search were $1000 to $5000

I’d probably start with the college you want to go to for your masters and see what they offer in terms of scholarships and other available financial assistance.

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Here’s a start: Scholarships and Grants - Great College Deals

As PrintDriver suggested, a Google search will give you dozens of starting points. Similarly, if you have a university in mind, contact the financial aid office at the university or the relevant college within the university. Every U.S. university has people who specialize in helping students get financial help.

If you’re not a US citizen, you’ll have more difficulty pursuing a US-based scholarship. If that’s the case, you might want to check to see if your country’s government has programs to help with overseas educational financing.

Looking online for anything having to do with money is a lucrative area for scammers, so be careful about that.

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Oh, thank you I didn’t think of that :smiley:

Yes! Okay, thank you