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Hey guys,

I thought it would be a fun idea to create a thread where we can share work that we have done in school. It would be cool to see what other design students are working on and their progress so far!

Here is one of my assignments I did. It was for a beginner level 1 illustrator class where we had to do a “photo-realistic” illustration. I randomly chose to do a Target desk fan that I have. It could have come out better, but I guess i’m ok with it since I am still new and this was my first semester as a graphic design student.


I have to say this is much more refined than anything I produced in a classroom. Especially as an illustration and not a 3D design.

For a first render, I say fantastic job to you.

Though i went to college 15 years ago. We had photoshop 8, they hadn’t even made it into the CS series yet. You could only hit undo 3 times. You saved 1000 copies of your work so you could go back should you have made an error.

Very nice, Trent, very nice.

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Biggs, check this out:

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This is hilarious. So many attempts to do the simplest of tasks and Photoshop is like “nope” “nope”
The one guy is trying to crop using the block eraser tool. It’s glorious.

Ha. Thats awesome. I (thankfully) started on Photoshop 2.5 in school, but thankfully was on 4.0 out of school which at least had layers!!

Thanks! Unfortunately a lot of other students in my class did much better haha. I only got a “B” grade for mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Boy, that takes me back. I started with Photoshop at version 3.

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