Scratch Disk Full Error

When I’m trying to run a Script Photoshop Says an Error Called “Scratch Disk” full
I’ve cleaned my C-drive and trash files also.
still now facing same error.
From Preference Menu, I’ve selected C and D drive for the Scratch Disc.
Now when I’m trying to run my script it taking huge time to perform.

It’s not new script, I use it alltime.

How can I solve this problem? anyone can give me the solution ?

When you say you ‘cleaned’ your drive, what does that mean?
Photoshop is a scratch hog. If you don’t have something like 50-100 GIGS of free space on your drive, that could slow it down as it seeks sectors big enough to write to (or distrubutes across a lot of small sectors.) If you are using a D drive, how is it connected? If it’s anything other than internal, there is the slowdown of the cable interface involved and possibly switching if photoshop is using both drives.

I try to keep 150gigs scratch for both Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Cleaned means clean the temp file from the C drive.
I added D drive or another drive because when I search on youtube about my problem all of them show this process.

Cleaning the cache does nothing if the disk is full of files.
How much empty hard drive space do you have?
Is the D drive another drive? Or a partition on the current drive?

You need to look at the available space on the hard disk you use as a scratch disk. This is easily found on any system. Check which ask PhotoShop is using as a scratch disk - it may be a different one than you think.

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 10.36.01

C is my SSD Drive.
42.3GB free space available here


C is my SSD Drive.
42.3GB free space available here

It’s also your startup/system drive, which may include a paging file that resizes dynamically as the OS seeks and releases its own “scratch disk” space.

If those were my drives, I’d leave C: un-checked and set F: or I: as the Photoshop scratch disk.

Are all of those drives internal partitions? Or are they server drives attached via cable or wifi?
WiFi scratch can really drag.
Cable is a little better.
Internal is best, as long as your system can handle the traffic.

All of these are Internal.
C is SSD and the other is my HDD.
But I can’t understand Why I’m facing a scratch disk error problem.

If you only have C checked, that is not enough space for Photoshop scratch. Especially if there is a memory dynamic like HB noted. They are competing for too little space.
What happens if you do what HB suggested and uncheck C completely and point it to F or I?

If i do that and run my script (basically to run a script I’m facing this error recently but it worked fine previously) It takes huge time saying image processing but not finishing the action

Perhaps you need to examine the script. You say it worked before. Same version of Photoshop?

same version.

…and/or the size and complexity of the image to which you’re applying it.

no, facing problem for all the files.
basically my script is about size resizing.
I’ll input 3/4 images, photoshop will check it’s W and H
If any of image’s W or H become less then 1500px then it will increase it’ dimension make make minimum 1500 px and other value will increase proportionally to 1500px.
but if any images W and H size meet this size requirement it won’t do nothing just simply export.

that’s my script’s function.

You’ve shut down, rebooted, re-launched, right? And you’re restarting Photoshop when you make scratch-disk selection changes, right? How about resetting Photoshop preferences?
(None have been expressly mentioned, so I thought I’d just ask.)

Thank you so much.
It works!