Scrolling VS Clicking?

Is one better than the other? Is having to scroll down the page, especially on mobile devices such a bad thing?

I’m designing a website for a client. Primarily they offer a product that comes in different flavors, styles, etc. But the product itself is housed in a regular container with just slightly different labeling denoting the particular flavor, style, etc.

In addition to that, this client’s business also offers a variety of different kinds of services. Two particular services (in-store, delivery) are how they distribute their primary product. But it gets a little bit confusing since some of the products are only available for delivery, and some only in-store. But there’s overlap as there are many of the same particular product items available for both in-store AND delivery. On top of that, some of them depend on advanced notice whether they’ll even be available at all. You can order these products to purchase in-store, or have it be delivered, but client insists on using two completely different on-line stores for customers to order from. I myself find it confusing and am trying to create a website that makes this separation clear to would-be customers.

What I did
Clients original website didn’t distinguish the difference of this. So I decided to have two separate sections for this, and have on the navigation bar IN-STORE and DELIVERY. That way, client clicks on IN-STORE and is taken to the page where all in-store products are available to purchase and purchase in advance with a click. If client clicks on the DELIVERY tab, only product items available for delivery are shown. Visitors can scroll down the page to see all the products and services available through either IN-STORE or DELIVERY. Client wants to stress both their new store, but also their new delivery service that they themselves deliver. So, again, I’m trying to convey the dual nature of this business, equally, but simultaneously trying to make it as clear as possible for visitors and potential customers.

Client says that there’s too much scrolling, and too many tabs on the navigation bar. Wants everything to be linked on the home page, but doesn’t want visitors to have to scroll very far on that first page as well. They say it’s too overwhelming as I designed it. However, they offer a LOT of products, in addition to a variety of disparate services. I would think that you’d want to advertise these things on the navigation bar.

Is scrolling bad?

I’ve thought that relying a bit more on scrolling is preferable in the era of smart phones and touch-screens. As long as the content is related to the section that you’re scrolling within, I would think that’s better than having to click multiple times to multiple pages. Am I wrong to think this?

Scrolling is not necessarily a bad thing, especially in the mobile era, as long as the content within each section remains organized and relevant. To improve the user experience, products and services can be categorized to streamline navigation. Balancing clarity and simplicity while allowing users to scroll through relevant information may be a more user-friendly approach, especially in the context of your client’s diverse offerings.