Searching cool graphic ideas for a kung fu course

Hi, this is my situation:

  • I use wordpress
  • I use themify
  • I want to optimize the design of the index of my course lessons
  • I want to make more engaging and modern the layout

Have you some cool examples to show me? Something to get inspired…

This is the kung fu course page:

When I need inspiration, I google similar things and see what images come up. Try that. Google is our friend.

I’ve already tried but I cannot find something really specific, cool and modern, have you suggestions?

What have you already tried? Can you post some ideas you’ve already considered?

The whole vibe feels clinical and washed out.

I’m not familiar with Themify … can you change those imgs that head each lesson?

I’m referring to one of these:

BTW, the word who? In the 6 Dragons Kung Fu: who? What? How? Where? When? Why? … should be capitalized

Just sayin’

replace with what?

Something dynamic.

As in graphically dynamic … and not a moving image. Compositoinally richer and ‘cooler’ than the clinical medical stuff that is there now. Perhaps something that represent the content of each lesson … whateva.

Hold up a sec.

Graphically dynamic static … not … graphically dynamic moving.

Not sayin’ moving imagery wouldn’t be cool … it would! Load time is a concern with most any WP site.

The background is another asset that could also be made ‘cool’ too.

BTW, when I hoped over to Patreon

…I couldn’t get back …except with the browser’s back button.

Am I missing something?

And lastly … why 6 Dragons?

In your fractaled image there’s only 5…

5? Are you sure? :wink:

About dynamic graphics can you show me a few examples?

Ah yes the hidden 6th dragon … the ninja dragon.

What are the core values to each lesson? Those will guide you to finding examples … or even better, creating some of your own.

Ok but with a few links I can understand better (if it is possibile)

Are a designer or the site owner?

Both, I only need a few sample images or links, I am not asking the moon

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