Seeking Advice on Innovative graphic circle design

If anyone has stumbled upon any particularly striking examples of graphic circle design or has experimented with novel approaches in their own projects, I would be immensely grateful for your insights. Additionally, if you have any recommendations for resources, tutorials, or tools that could enrich my exploration of graphic circle designs, I would eagerly welcome your suggestions.

Graphic circles are a thing???
Any stock source has them. You can do a web search, click “Images” and get pages and pages of “insight” into the many ways of adding bling to a circle.

My personal favorite “tool” is an old box of Spirograph gears. But you can do the same thing in Illustrator. The Appearance palette is your friend for that kind of junk.

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What do you mean by graphic circle design?

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It’s the latest trend: Design a circle graphically.

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Apparently it’s a thing. Or rather “about 1,480,000,000” of them.
There are pinterest pages touting the BEST circle designs.
I’ve got better things to do…
If a circle design fits your client’s needs, have at it. Otherwise, whatEVer.