Seeking Advice on Slideshow Video Production

Introduction: We are in the process of creating unique slideshow videos for each product in our Marketplace, specifically canvas arts. We need suggestions on software and methodology.

What We’ve Decided On:

Slideshow Videos: We aim to produce slideshow videos, where each product gets its own video presentation.

Content Flow: Front Image: Start with a front image of the canvas art, which then zooms out. As it zooms out, a room fades in to showcase the artwork in its natural setting.

Detail Pan: A pan across the canvas to highlight the intricate details.

Frame Display: A pan across a corner to show and describe the mounting frame.

(Note: Final scripting details are still in the works.)

Resources We Have: Photoshop Actions: We have created Photoshop actions that transform our images into flat-faced visuals. These are perfect for the “close up pan across” and “image on wall in situ” sections.

Production Plan: Folder Structure: We plan to maintain a unique folder for each item. Each folder will contain a variety of images meant for the video.

Video Software Assumption: We hope to find video software that offers placeholder functionality. Our vision is that when we engage in bulk production, the software will automatically switch to the appropriate folder for each product, ensuring that the right images are used for the respective videos.

What We Need Help With: Software Recommendations: Which video editing software would best fit our needs, particularly with regards to the placeholder and bulk production functionalities?

Methodology: Has anyone attempted something similar? Any guidance on how to achieve this efficiently?