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Hey there!

I currently have a school project where we are designing a poster for the school own project “Åpent Hus”. The school will open for one day, and people can visit and check out what our school is all about. The target group is mainly teenagers who are choosing high school for the next years.

I have tried to go for a geometric and modern style on the poster. I have also tried different layouts, and I have no idea whom to choose. Poster 1 and 4 have icons in them (squares in corner) where the different programs are represented (arts, medical, media).

Any feedback on any poster would be greatly appreciated! :smile:

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First make it work, then make it pretty.

Posters are not art. A poster’s first job is to get the viewer’s attention. The second job is to give them pertinent information. Everything they need, and nothin’ they don’t. And make it readable.

So I would take off all the graphics, and just lay out the pieces of information you NEED to have on there. Nothing extra. Don’t add too much information, but be sure there’s a contact info so they can learn more if they want. Black font on white background to start.

To simplify it, the most important pieces of text should be larger and toward the top. Make sure the key phrases are big enough to be readable at a distance, and lay it out so it flows nicely. Don’t make their eyes bounce around.

Then when the layout is working, then think about how to juice it up. But keep in mind, the graphic elements are supposed to support the information - not to dominate it. Every graphic should contribute and not detract.

“First make it work, then make it pretty.”

Going by hierarchy alone, poster 4 is the best. The title should be at the top followed by information followed by large date info. Although I dislike what you have done to split colour the letters in 2019. The way you have split words is meaningless.

Cool design, but the colors are to high make it with simple colors or reduce the opacity for some of particular colors.

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