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Hello! I am studying Graphic Design and am seeking feedback on a practise run for an assignment project. I am trying to improve my skills in creating image montages. Any feedback would be much appreciated. This is a Surrealist Montage. :slight_smile:

I would not call this surrealist. I’d call it fantasy art, but that’s sort of beside the point.

Could you describe a little bit about how you built it? Is it a group of things you’ve cut out (Photoshopped) from various other sources? If so, you’ve done a good job. I’m a little mystified where the light source is coming from, but montages tend to have those kinds of problems given their origins.

Hi, thanks for your response.

I took images from Pinterest and google images etc, just to have a go as I have never done this before. I removed the backgrounds and other elements from the original images and then layered them the way I wanted. I wish I could have found a better quality dragon though, but this one was the only one that would wrap around the crystal.

As a practice exercise you’ve done a decent job.
On a more professional level…

  • you can’t take imagery from the web do make a design, especially Pinterest. It’s fine as a practice exercise, but not for client work.
  • resolution is never going to be your friend. You have to first assemble elements that will work at a resolution that works for output. Sometimes that means not going with your first choices.
  • As B mentioned, light sources can kill a piece like this. Your dragon is lit from the lower left, the bottle and butterfly from the right. and the leaves straight on. It’s a bit confusing to the eye.
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seems to me 1million other designers created this image.
which can be good, if you want to be one of those artists
bad if you want to be original.
okay of you want to learn how to create this genre but add you own feelings and emotions were in the future your art is different from the other 1 million designers.

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