Seeking some guidance

Hey fellow designers. I wanted to get your advice on what would be a direction on seeking freelance designers whether for a small agency (not large as they are costly) that can handle freelance work on a global scale. So being able to create templates and also have the ability to translate the language of these according to the region.

It sounds like you are looking to hire someone rather than being a designer yourself.
Creating templates is sort of anti-graphic design. What works for one region of the world could quite possibly not work for another part.
And design is all about solving a specific communication challenge.
Contrary to what you might see offered online, it is not, at all, template-driven.

The reason the larger agencies, and to a good extent the smaller ones are all “expensive” is they use their collective professional experience to tailor your materials to your specific needs based on your target demographic. That requires research. Sure there are freelancers out there that’ll build your template the way you want it and bank your money. Will the “design” be effective for your marketing needs? At best, hit or miss. Consider your return on investment before discounting higher cost design work.

Well I would still be designing but need to outsource some of the extra load of work. Since my company is opening in more countries they are looking for ways to give me additional help.

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