Self Student here. Can you critique some of my logos?

Hi, nice to meet you all.

I’m a Barista in quarentine and trying to get a new job in something I had as a hobby for some years…
I’m learning with things I see online, but none of my logos or icons get approved in design sites.

They just say is “poor design” ou “not good for our standards” but I don’t know really what I have to do.

Can you critique some of them? Thank you!

This one is from a New Zealand Heritage hotel-like, the colors is a must-have from the client. But the plataform refused before the client could see. I think maybe is too simple?


This is for a Math Teacher, the logo is for a game challenge group to his students. The client needed some rpg-vibe.


This is for a coffeeshop retalier, selling coffee bags and courses. It means something like “Goats from Beans”, in Brazil, when we say someone is “Cabra” or Goat, also means is a bold person.

This is my personal logo. With HPF.

Thanks a lot, my regards…

What software are you using to create these? A crowdcrap site platform that refuses files is a new one to me, might be because you are using a format or software that is not acceptable for logo creation.

If that is the case, it doesn’t matter what you create, it would not be acceptable to present as paid for work.

There are any number of things wrong with the NZ hotel one. Did you check out their website?

The math one, yeah, I’ll just say, no weight.

The Goat cup, that one is a stretch. You are making the newb mistake of trying to overemphasize to the point of making something not work in multiple ways.

All of these cannot be judged beyond the art aesthetics because we have no idea of the clientele focus, location or other pertinent research that would be needed to judge why these aren’t up to par.

Logo design is not something for beginners. It isn’t pretty pictures. It’s all about research, and branding and demographics and psychology and a whole bunch of other esoteric theory, along with the knowledge of how to prepare a logo file for production purposes. I’ve always been of the opinion that designers who create logos should have to carry malpractice insurance. Even some seasoned designers with years of school don’t do logo design on purpose. There is far more riding on it than creating a pretty mark. Someone is trying to make a living with the mark you create, and if you do it poorly, or saddle them with a file that requires extensive pre-production work, you have failed as a designer, and they will possibly fail as a company.

It’s a harsh and brutal truth. Sorry.

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

I’m using Illustrator, isn’t a problem with the file, the plataform just give me the feedback of “poor design” or something similar.

You don’t have to say sorry for the harsh words, I’m here to learn, and is the first feedback from a professional that I receive. So thanks a lot.

Maybe I should stop trying to design logos and go for Icons?

That would definitely be a more appropriate exercise for a self-teaching beginner. But at some point, you’ll need to start exploring typography and “page” design as well.

One time I tried something like… make logos for things I like, that no one has to use, but without feedback is useless, right?

I’ll go back to design icons, thanks for the feedback…

I’m curious about your personal logo. What is that an image of?

Here are the problems that I see.

Orari, Option A – Try to avoid using gradients in logos. The plant illustration needs work; it could be much more refined. Find out what kerning is and then look at your type; you have a major kerning issue. You may need to do some more work on the ratio of the mark to the type.

Orari, Option B – Same comments regarding the illustration. The font is horrendous in this application.

Orari, Option C – Same comments as option B.

Fractal faction – Way too detailed. You’ll loose a lot of that detail when printed at a small size or if you were to try to embroider the logo. Type needs work.

Cabras Do Gravo – A coffee mug with steam and a coffee bean for a coffee place are major cliches. These have been done to death. You need to think outside the box.

Personal Logo – I see the HPF, but they aren’t blending particularly well. I definitely get the feeling this is a forced solution.

I wanted to use this diamond shape and place H P F inside, orange because of the energy of the color.

Wow! Thank you! This makes a lot of sense!
I’m gonna study about the kerning, all the fonts was the original things, didn’t change them at all.

Your feedback is very helpfull, gonna try remake everything!

Steve-o’s note about the coffee mug, not sure where he’s seeing the bean but I was seeing the goat head after you mentioned it. A goat is a lot more solid than coffee steam.

My mind seems to have a mind of its own. I keep seeing something satanic in that coffee cup.

Now that you mention it…
But something similar would be soooo cool for a coffee shop named Devil’s Brew.
Hmm… :thinking:

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I thought the area that is reversed out of the coffee mug is supposed to be a bean with the orange squiggle being the split in the bean.

Ah, got it now. I was still hung up on Goat.

Hi! I tired to make goat horns that resemble some coffee steam

Yes, Goat horns, coffee steam, and a bean in the middle, too much?