Sending Multiple Business Cards for Proof


I’m working with a construction company that has 3 divisions under them. The only real difference between the 3 card versions is their logo. I’ve put together 3 cards to be used as “templates” and I used a variable data in Illustrator to create the other 40+ cards (I typically use Indesign for the data merge but I wanted to learn how to do it Ai).

So now that you know some background, my real question is after I have all 40+ files, how should I get them to my customer to proof? I don’t need to know any drives or cloud storage places to send them with but really how my file structure should be.


  • Send 3 PDF’s grouped with the people in each group.
  • Send 3 “folders” with each person in it so my customer will see 3 Folder ABC with multiple PDF’s in each folder.
  • Or some other way to send it?

Some additional info about the files:

  • The cards all have the same back. The front of the cards is what make each card different.
  • The customer sent an Excel spreadsheet for with all of the employees. The spreadsheet was not in alpha order.
  • I’ll most likely send these in Google Drive.

Any help would be appreciative! If you need more info, let me know!


This may seem obvious, but you may ask them what they prefer? I don’t see how that would be a bad thing. You may just shoot them an email saying you’re finishing up the files and wanted to ask them how they’d like to review them. Then you can provide options like you listed in your bulleted list above.

Good point! Thanks!

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