SEO -off page technique to maintain the position of the keyword

I am working with SEO off-page techniques to get ranked for a website keywords.

If some keywords are on a good rank, then which SEO technique will be best for maintaining that position on search engine?


Could you please suggest me about which one is best to maintain the position of any keyword ?

Hello, matthew I will suggest some techniques and articles for SEO off page process which I had get form some sources. Main process is that first you can create external links from authority sites like Guest blogging, commenting on other blogs with your reference, using long tail keywords.

You can refer here for the detail version of SEO off page process.

Thank you…

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Thanks for the helpful suggestions…

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Your welcome

Some best off-page SEO techniques that we follow for better results are;

  • Guest Blogging
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum
  • Infographic Submission
  • Social Media Engagement

I tried these earlier and along with these technique you have mentioned we get No-follow backlink only, then how would we maintain the position of ranked keyword ?

Hello matthew, “Nofollow Links Are Good” As we have researched using various software, We have done lots of backlink research. We looked at top-ranked sites in various category and industry. They all showed a very interesting result about nofollow links.

Our research on various site on google says 20% to 40% no follow link pointing to those pages. So as per our research, it gives value to our website.

That’s good thing… Thanks for the suggestions.

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One of the better areas for you to post, that will allow you to create links to your page is on related FORUMS. By being active on these forums, you will also be able to build an online presence, that can help you more to get ranked.

I would say go for Forum posting, Blog commenting…

Try guest blogging it will be very fruitful.

You can try business directory submissions they will definitely proved to be good choice.

Forum posting as in SPAMMING?
That’ll get you booted right quick.

I don’t understand. Are you saying that according to your analytics part of your traffic originates from links with nofollow values or are you saying that you think Google (and other search) bots ignore the nofollows?

If you’re saying the former, of course the nofollows would make no difference as to how many people clicked on those links since that value has no bearing on a person’s decision to click or not click.

People clicking on a link might add up to a bit more traffic, but it’s not much of an SEO strategy. From an SEO point of view, the main reason for backlinks is to impress the search bots with an eye toward boosting page rankings. The nofollow value is meant to negate that and which, as far as I can determine, does exactly what it’s intended to do.

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