Separate elements in a logo for pdf

Can anyone help me? I have created a logo that I have sent to a clothing manufacturer and they have printed shirts with no problems. Now they are embroidering for me. Does anybody know how to create a logo into a pdf so that my manufacturer can separate each of the colours and the words?

If the logo is all vector and created in Adobe Illustrator, it should be a matter of just saving as a PDF. What program did you create the logo in? Can you share the logo? Since you are a first time poster, a mod may ned to edit your privileges for you to do so.

Thanks for the quick reply! I can’t post the logo unfortunately as my business partner wants it private for now. I created the logo on Clip Studio Paint Ex and its a raster image.

Well, there won’t be a quick fix most likely. Since we can’t see the logo it is hard to say. But the short answer is you most likely will need to recreate it in a vector format. There are several software options, but most here would recommend Adobe Illustrator. Affinity Designer is a lower cost option as well which may work.

Once again it’s hard to say without being able to see the logo. If it involves a lot of gradients, or raster elements, it may be much more difficult to create as a vector format. If that is the case, you can consider keeping the more “blinged out” raster version of the logo, but it is good to have a backup that pure vector and may be more simplified and without the bling.

I will say, if you’re not familiar with vector tools, especially the pen tool, there could be a fairly steep learning curve.

Thanks for the input thats very helpful. The logo will be easy enough to recreate as vector as it is simplistic in its elements but just has 5 sections each with a different colour and words. I have Adobe creative cloud but I really don’t like illustrator I much prefer clip studio

I have used vector tools before it won’t be a problem thankyou for the help

Perfect. You may know this as well, but just in case, if I were recreating something similar in Illustrator, I would place your current raster image in Illustrator on the bottom most layer, lock the layer, then double click the layer and check of the “dim images to” box and set the opacity to 10-15% or so, which will set the placed image to be more transparent, which helps you recreate the logo over the existing raster version. You could also of course change the placed image’s opacity as well, but IMO it’s a quick way to double click the layer and change the opacity. That and you can just delete the layer when you’re done.

Yes thanks thats perfect, I did know about that technique, but thanks heaps for taking your time to help me out , I really appreciate it :grin:

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