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The sample I have been given is too low res for normal font matching sites. It looks very much like a standard serif font like Times but …

the capital Q has a curly tail like Century Schoolbook but the capital R has a straight leg (I can’t find this particular combination anywhere)

the capital C has symmetrical serifs like Baskerville or Caslon

the capital E has no serif on the centre stalk

Yeah, that’s an interesting one. I’m curious to see what it turns out to be.

Looks like Abhaya Libre



@RedKittieKat you amaze me again with your font identifying talent.

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I know I should not be amazed and, yet, I am once again amazed.

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I have no idea how you came up with something so obscure that looks so similar to several dozen other serif typefaces. Amazing. :grin:

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This is a Sinhalese font with multi-alphabetical letterforms, only one of which is the western character set that we use.

The Latin characters, that match the aesthetics of ‘Abhaya Libre Sinhala’, which was inspired by the style of the original Sinhala with an eminent contrast between distinctive strokes that go from thick to thin and was further modified to co-exist with the visual logics of Latin typefaces. The ductus references according to the lines of a Didone typeface add a touch of Sinhala form to certain terminations. Large counters have been added along with small ascenders and descenders for optimized screen viewing.

Just, wow. :star_struck:

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That was a very interesting description! Pretty cool :slight_smile:

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