Sharing videos, forum rules, etc - guidance please

I couldn’t find it anywhere else, so into off-topic it goes, for fear of stepping out of bounds and getting a reprimand for doing something that’s not allowed or off-topic.

I had thought to share a few links to some of my ‘creative’ work (hesitant use of the word, not high quality stuff) in the realm of video in the ‘share your photos’ photography thread, so I went looking through the forum rules.

I didn’t see anything prohibiting such a thing, but since it’s not strictly “photography” I elected not to post any links. It is a tangentially related creative sphere though, so I kinda-sorta feel like maybe it could fit in there? Seeking anyone’s input on that front I suppose.

A short disclaimer - The videos are on my personal youtube channel but I am not a ‘youtuber’ in the sense that I aim to generate an income from it. It’s just a convenient place to upload videos to share.

I’ll put one here, and in the event this sort of thing is discouraged I won’t be dismayed about the post being edited or removed.

Castle Rock Badlands, Western Kansas


I don’t see a problem posting a video you made. I assume you are the drone pilot? Is that your white truck? Makes me want to pack up a couple of bikes and my camera and head out west.

Yes, I am the pilot and video editor. I’m still learning the video stuff, especially color. Still working on getting a handle on the piloting as well. A multi-rotor does not control like the fixed wings I trained in to get my PPL. This is an FPV aircraft, so I’m flying from the view in the headset strapped to my face. I tend to come away from most flights with a case of the shakes. Can’t afford to replace it if I wreck it heh.

I’ve not had a lot of what I consider “good” results from using the aircraft’s “raw” video format and color-correcting + grading with the tools I find the most convenient (Lumafusion on ipadPro + VideoLUT). I get better, more natural looking results from the “normal” color profile and minor tweaks in post.

This video especially is “not great” due to crappy editing software ruining the output (thanks Adobe Rush CC!) and attempting to color correct+grade the “raw” d-cinelike profile footage.

The white truck was that of another visitor. I was stationed at the top of the ridge. I’m at the truck that is just visible in a few places in the video, especially right at the end.

My strong hunch is that there is a good learning curve to video (or at least good video) and that you’ll get better and better results the longer you keep working on it.

There is, but I do feel limited by my selected tools, and I’m beginning to understand that there’s only so much the little camera on the aircraft can do.

I have access to Adobe Premier Pro should I choose to take advantage of it, but there’s something unappealing to sitting down at a desk for 10hr editing and perfecting when I could lounge on the couch and splice together something half decent in much less time.

here’s a similar location about an hour from the first
Monument Rocks, Western Kansas

Posting here is fine :wink:

My Youtube channel is just for my stuff as well. A very NOT for profit venture lol :stuck_out_tongue: I subscribed as well. :wink:

I love seeing the gorgeous surroundings by air. The only slight problem I have is the pace. It’s a bit fast and swooshy for my vertigo issues :wink: I slowed it down to 0.5 and it was perfect for me.

Really nice footage :heart:

The speed is a flight characteristic that’s easy to change. Sometimes a little slower, sometimes a little faster depending on the environment. The swooshyness is a consequence of the single axis camera gimbal on the aircraft. If the aircraft tilts over or noses up and down, so does the camera’s view.

Entirely different than a “normal” stabilized camera drone.

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A flight around another western kansas pasture, day after Thanksgiving.
The 4K isn’t processed yet as of this posting, but the 1080p 60fps is ready.


Flying through those trees took some courage. :wink: I’ve been tempted to get a drone, but have never gotten past thinking about it.

A gap that size is pretty easy to handle, but takes a little stick-time to get confident enough to actually pull off especially when the approach is a long, straight shot at it. I wouldn’t attempt it in the middle of a tight turn or if pulling out of a moderate dive. I don’t have that much stick-time.