Shift+Enter for pushing the word to the next line

I am having issues with this in text editing, and I can’t quite figure it out, even though I’ve ran across it in the past. I asked AI to help me, but it didn’t lead me in the right direction.
If I hit a Shift+Enter before the last word which is at the end of a textbook line (within a paragraph of text that is justified), the soft enter nudges/pushes the word onto the following line. Ok, fine… However, if later I change my mind and I increase/decrease the point size of my text, it leaves a trace behind: the even spacing between the words gets too wide or too narrow. My assumption was that the soft enter should not be affecting the tracking between the letters if the point size of the text is changed… but it does.

You’re using OpenOffice or OpenText, right? I doubt you’ll get many responses here on using a text editor for layout. Most here would be using a layout application, such as InDesign, and applying custom-formatted paragraph styles to the text.

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Yes, OpenOffice.

It’s because your text is justified. Decreasing the font size increases the spacing because there is a fixed end to the line of text (from the soft return). Increasing the font size will decrease the spacing.