Should I apply for this social media job or no?

So I have a bachelors in graphic design and I have 3 years experience as a production artist so it isn’t an amazing job. I like it because it is easy but I feel like I am stuck and cannot excel my career in different areas, since I do the same thing over and over and there is nothing else I can do at this company. I am very depressed being at this job and I do want to leave but I don’t wanna leave because they pay well and I don’t want to mess up my career by leaving and not having a better or equally good job.

My dream job is to work at a design firm, or marketing agency, doing logos, ads, anything really. I don’t want to be a production artist for the next 10 years.

So I found a job titled “Social media specialist” for a Jeep service and customization shop where they do work on jeeps and also sell jeeps and other cars.

Here is a snippet of the job description:

(Their Company name) has an opening for a social media content manager / videographer. You’ll be working under our (Company name) brand, managing social content and video for our busy customization shop. (Company name) specializes in Jeep, Truck, and Off Road upgrades. Use your skills to promote and connect with a fun loving and diverse customer base. You’ll have TONS of content to work with in a super friendly environment.

Duties include:

Social content and strategy
Photo and Video for our website
Rotating monthly promotions
Email / Text Marketing to our customer base

I will be honest and say I probably will enjoy this social media job more than what I do now, because it will get me to work with jeeps, which I love, and I feel like creating posts for Instagram and Facebook would be fun and I could learn from it. And hopefully use those skills in a real design job in the future. This is the only reason I am thinking about this job.

Now I am more interested in a real graphic designer position but I have not had luck with finding anything in these hard times. My idea is maybe if I work for this company with this position, that will allow other companies to see that I can do this type of social media work and that would lead to more real design jobs. But I am worried it will also have the opposite effect since it isn’t an actual designer job. I am worried marketing places will wonder why I worked here not doing true graphic design work and why I haven’t had another graphic design job since.

I hope you understand what I mean and where I am coming from.

I just would like some thoughts and ideas and any thoughts are appreciated, i have not yet applied due to my uncertainty. Thanks

Does it pay more than your current job?
Don’t seek fame at the expense of food.

As for future employers, exhibit that you can connect and sell to this market segment, get data on how your work increased hit or customer foot traffic, all the metrics you need to later convince a company that you know how to design to a market. Granted a limited one, but if you make a difference in the company bottom line in some measureable way, that’s a plus. Just…don’t hang around too long as things do eventually reach a plateau.

Also consider the economy. Is anyone going to be tricking out their jeep right now? Or are they simply trying to pay for the gas in a 20mpg vehicle. :wink: