Showit Navigation issues

I want my navigation bar to stay fixed at the top of the screen on my showit websiteeven when scrolling down the page but I am not able to do so. If anyone can help this would improve user experience, especially on mobile.

I looked at the mangled and inefficient div-heavy code, which told me that it was built with a drag-and-drop editor. Looking up Showit told me that it’s a made-for-WordPress thing. Since the solution to your problem depends on how Showit handles it, I doubt anyone here can supply a solution.

If you had access to the code and if it was written a bit better, one way of getting the top line to stay put would be to place it in a separate div with a z-index higher than 0 and then anchor that z-index div with absolute position coordinates to the top of the page.

Since you’re working within a drag-and-drop editor, you’ll need to search through whatever options Showit gives you and then do what’s possible within their user interface. I know that doesn’t solve your problem, but at least it tells you that you’ll probably need to find your answer within the Showit documentation.

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I am not familiar with Showit, but I am familiar with Duck Duck Go. :grinning: Searching for “sticky menu showit” brought up this page.

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