Showreel. Nice to hear any CC, please

I’m preparing a presentation at the end of the school year. I want to show a variety of different projects which I did. Photography and motion graphics are the most important parts for me so that is why I set up those on the beginning and at the end of the presentation. Can you give me feedback about the whole composition? What did you truly feel after watching? Do sound play well with the graphics? Any CC, please. Thank you.
Turn on speakers and HD1080p quality. please.


I think it’s way too long to hold someone’s attention who isn’t already invested in what you’re doing. Attention will begin to drift before the first minute is up, so if you don’t show something new and engaging by then, you’ve lost your audience.

That said, much depends on what this presentation is meant to accomplish, what it’s for and who will see it. If you have a captive audience, that’s one thing. If your audience depends on casual interest, like a Facebook or YouTube video, that’s another.

Thanks. I agree with you 100% but this presentation would be presented at the end of the year on the exhibition and it will be displayed in the classroom at school.

Your work highlighted in this extended video portfolio is nice — no question about that. But that’s not really what we’re discussing.

The music and your editing are also nice, but can a compelling video consist of nothing more than a recitation of what you’ve done in school? It might be totally adequate for the purpose at hand, but a video presents a good deal more opportunity for viewer engagement than just thumbing through a book of pictures. Despite the bare necessities of this presentation probably being there, you might want to consider doing more than that and actually making a compelling video.

After your presentation, do you want people to only compliment you on the work you’ve shown in the video or would you rather have them to do that and also say, “That was an awesome video.”?

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