*sigh* Which setting do I need to un-check?

I turned on automatic CC updates and now the new version is annoying the daylights of out me. What do I need to un-check to get rid of the annoying Path and Dialog boxes? I already turned off Tool Tips, which I thought would fix it (it didn’t).

I haven’t updated Illustrator, but in Photoshop you uncheck Window/Contextual Taskbar

^ What Craig said. Annoying as all heck.

even better, the current update to Acrobat has no side scroll bar at the bottom of the window. You have to hold shift to scroll sideways.

I wonder sometimes if Adobe does any kind of performance check with real industry professionals. Cuz their system designers ain’t it.


It’s this right here


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Still have annoying outlines and tool tips: New Recording - 2/6/2024, 9:16:02 AM

Can you post a photo rather than a video?
Some outlines in Illustrator and InD are caused by Smart Guides, which can be annoying or handy at various times.

There are some “tool tips” that seem to autoload no matter what you do. Especially the Sharing functions. Acrobat seems the worst offender there too.

Any time I mouseover an object, it outlines that object in whatever color the layer is. It also gives me a tool tip like “Path.”

Screen Shot 2024-02-06 at 11.54.22 AM

Yup, that’s Smart Guides.
They can be handy for snapping objects to other objects, or they can be annoying when they light up. I usually leave them on. You get used to them.
But here is the place you uncheck.
View > Smart Guides
Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 6.58.12 AM


Ah HA! I thought I’d turned them off, but nope! Still check marked. Silly updates.