Silly thing I made

I made this awhile ago but haven’t really shared it around much. Thought ya’ll might get a kick out of it. It’s basically a little online toy.

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Okay…all itchy now…

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It’s oddly satisfying. Especially if you wait it out until the dots congregate and then move the flock around.

OMG now I’m hooked on playing evasive tactics on the little buggers.

Thanks for the missed deadlines, John.

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That’s awfully hypnotic and measle-like at the same time. Good work!

I loved corralling them and then getting them to move in a line :smiley:

Very satisfying :smiley:

Watch what happens when you right click and break the cursor away from being detected by the algorithm.

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Works really good on mobile, supports multitouch. I spent entirely too much time being entertained by it.

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