Simple Website Designs Are Often the Best

When it involves website design service (link removed), a straightforward style is usually the simplest approach. Sure, it’s nice to possess the demo with associate all singing, all diversion, web site however before you blow the budget out of the window, take a step back and consider it.

What’s your reaction after you head to an internet site with a Flash intro that takes over some seconds to load? does one watch for it to appear? Or do you do like the majority and either seek for the “skip intro” link or - a lot of seemingly - press the rear button and opt for a distinct site?

We’re all ironed for time these days. you would possibly be ready to depart with a stylish Flash video somewhere within your website however it’s positively not counseled because the 1st page that individuals land on. Otherwise you run a awfully high risk of it being the sole page they see on your website.

Sorry, but we have a no advertising policy here, so I removed your link.

Anyway, is anyone still using Flash intros? Flash has been all but dead for years now.

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