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Does anyone have a desk that allows you to work sitting or standing? I’ve been considering putting a base on my current desk that would allow me to raise it for standing work. I’m wondering if this is something people really use or if you use it for a bit and then go back to sitting all of the time.

I don’t use one, but lots of people here at work have one. They all say they love theirs.

I’m still skeptical. I could easily be wrong, but my guess is they’re a fad that will slowly decline in popularity once it’s peaked — sort of like waterbeds, trash compactors and quadraphonic stereos.

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I don’t have a sit/standing desk, but I do have two different work locations in my office. One is a desk with two big 30" monitors that I sit at.

But since I dread sitting all the time, I have a standing desk with two smaller 20" monitors. I will usually use the standing desk for the first part of the day, and pace around a bit. It helps me think. Once I reach about 6,000 steps, I’ll either grab a bar stool, or sit at my main desk.

My initial thoughts about it were bad. Drawing while standing up felt natural, but it took me a while to get used to using the computer. My mouse accuracy, speed and even ability to concentrate suffered for a bit, but eventually recovered, and maybe even improved.

After doing it for a while, I could literally never imagine going back to a job where I was sitting in a chair all day.

So if you try it, I would suggest giving yourself some time to adjust.

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I recently got an Uplift Desk for my personal office and I am extremely happy with it. Uplift came as a recommendation from one of my freelancers and my brother (both have had this brand for over 2 years with no issues).

While I probably only use the standing option a few times a week, the main benefit for me is the ability to change the desk height to what is economically correct, even if I’m just sitting.

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I’ve been using one for years now. I handle print production as well as graphic arts, and more often then not, i’m on my feet. Sending jobs to print, and going back and forth between my computer and press, it’s easier to not have to sit down. However the chairs that are high enough to accommodate the desk are quite expensive.

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I found it was too easy to get distracted while standing. It’s too easy to pace, then I start to drift.

I put my keyboard and monitor on a cart and move them around throughout the day, alternating my workspace between the desk, sofa and recliner.

I pulled the trigger on this and ordered a base that will convert my existing desk to sit / stand. I’m looking forward to giving it a try. There’s a point in mid afternoon when I just can’t stand to sit anymore. I’ll let you know what I think of it after a few weeks of use.

My first post from my desk with a new sit / stand base. The ironic thing? After spending a couple of hours putting this thing together, I really want to sit down, but I feel I should be standing.


I hope it works out for you. I’m quite sure that I’d end up leaning over and resting my elbows on it. I’m curious what you’ll have to say about it in another two or three weeks. Let us know.

I couldn’t do it at all … legs are shot and all :wink: but… back when I could I know I wouldn’t. I was a leaner. I would be hunched over that desk in no time :wink:

I’ll post my thoughts on it down the road a bit. I put so many hours in ay my desk, it’s crazy. Lately, about mid afternoon, I get to a point where I just can’t stand to sit any more. My backside is killing me, and that’s with a nice chair. We’ll see if this helps. If it’s a fad, I’ll let you know. The base was $400. While that’s a fair chunk of change, it’s not the end of the world if I don’t use it that much.

Or you can get a bar stool and be about the same height.

That’ll have all of the negative side effects of sitting without all that pesky back support.

Or you can toss the desk and set up a hammock. Imagine working all day while swinging in a hammock. The only down downsides would be the awkward meetings and the net patterned bed sores

A bar stool also creates a longer fall to hit the floor when drinking at work. A hammock solves this problem with full support when losing consciousness or in the event of a sudden medical emergency.

LOL! :smiley: :smiley:

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