Skills a junior graphic designer need

Hi, I am Amy from Australia. I am studying graphic design and I would love to know what skills does a junior designer need in this industry. Any opinion is appreciated. Thanks.

I would say - curiosity, determination and a thirst for knowledge. You should never stop learning and it’s a good habit to get in early.


A major component of any creative mind is conscious observation. We typically move through life encountering things and processing internal reactions to the resulting stimuli without a second thought. Invoke the second thought.

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The technical term is “noticing things”. 100% agree.

A 4-year degree and 2 years of real world experience. That is considered a “junior” designer these days.
Get that 2 years of experience working and doing internships while still in college.

Though I’m not sure many junior designer positions are available these days either. A vast number of studios have gone to contract hires, and they only contract hire people they know or who have demonstrated extreme skill in the area needed. Not saying it’s impossible, just a lot more difficult than you might think to find such a job.