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I really need some help with a logo design for my painting business I’m starting. I’ve looked at several websites like fivver and friend referrals for graphic designers and I’m really not happy with the style of logos I saw.

I really like the Crit Pit idea and the feedback I saw in there. I have an idea of what I want I just need someone to help me bring it life.

Basically, I want a house and the borders of the house in a gradient color scheme. Because the business name is so long I’m not sure how to incorporate it with the logo. The business name is “Austin’s Painting Specialists”. I’m not in a huge rush but I would like to get it done in about month or so. If anyone is willing to take on this design and help me that would be awesome! Website: it is still a work in progress as I have just started to build it.

Also trying to make the “P” in painting looks like a paint roller (similar to this).

Oh, boy.

I’m going to be blunt, since I’m assuming you’re asking for a frank opinion.

What you personally like should be subordinate to how the logo resonates with your potential customers, how memorable it is and whether or not it projects a positive and professional image for your company that inspires confidence. It’s great if you like your logo, but it’s a whole lot more important that you view it from a business point of view that isn’t determined by personal tastes. The logo isn’t really for you; it’s for your customer base.

Honestly, what you’ve asked for is terrible. Gradients and shadows in logos are awful ideas because they will create reproduction limitations for you going forward. Try sending off your logo to, say, a company to have your drop shadows embroidered onto a hat or printing on the barrel of a promotional pen and you’ll soon wish you had a different logo.

Also, how will your logo look in black and white — not grays, but black and white? If you think you’ll never need that black and white logo, you’re wrong. And I just don’t see a good way to make what you’ve come up with work in black and white.

You’re also requesting a jumble of clutter with P’s turned into paint rollers, small details that will disappear when printed small, a half-painted wall, a Copperplate Gothic C and the type of house outline that realtors seem to be infatuated with. And what does a C and a P have to do with your company name — Austin Painting Specialists?

If you want to hire a designer, skip the crowdsourcing sites — you’re mostly dealing with amateurs and kids there. (Do you really think good designers work for a few dollars per day by entering contests?) Hire a professional designer, tell him or her about your business, then get out of the way and let this person — the design expert — do the job in the same way that you — the expert at painting — probably like to do your job.

Can’t improve on this.

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