Smart home - designing tiles - feedback

My goal is to design somewhat modern website for smart home application. In the picture attached, on the left side, is “toggle” tile, used to turn on and off things and this is the style I’m after. On the right is my new tile and it’s purpose is to display a percentage of my value (value is under the percentage label) and - the value of course… But I’m not quite sold on my design, when I step back and take a look it seems kinda… meh, not quite fitting, bland I think. What do you think? How should I improve it? Thanks.

Edit: Please note that the icons are just placeholders :smiley:

Screen Shot

Why are they so gray and lacking in contrast? It makes them difficult to read.

The left tile is grey, because it’s turn off, it will light up when turned on, but with the right tile… yeah, maybe… But I was mostly concerned about the placement of the percentage and value label. Thanks

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