So I've officially moved on from advertising

This is kind of just me rambling.

So this month has been horrible.

Two weeks ago I was rear-ended by a college kid with no insurance. Well, he had an insurance card with the expiration date of March, but he had failed to pay for it.

I called his insurance company, and they said they’d reimburse me for a rental car, and any damage to my vehicle. It wasn’t until three days later that they called to inform me that the insurance was not valid and they wouldn’t be covering anything.

So I filed a claim with my insurance company. I don’t have rental car coverage, so that’s out of my pocket. They were accommodating, though. I had a 2010 car with 98,000 miles on it that I got new. I was excited to see it roll over to 100,000 miles. But that opportunity got ripped away from me when the told me that they are considering it a total loss. The payout was a surprising $9,000 though. The Blue book value wasn’t even half of that.

I ended up buying a new car. A 2019 Honda Civic SI. I know the opinions on the aesthetics can be a bit polarizing, but I like it, and it’s fun to drive. I’ve been dying to get back to driving a manual.

Although I’m severely overpaid, the salary at my current job has stagnated about two years ago. And even worse, I feel like i’m not growing anymore. The more managerial tasks I take on, the less I get to be creative, or even get to be involved in the process.

I’ve been casually applying for jobs along the way. Even though I’m 32 I’ve only officially worked for 2 companies. Yesterday I got a notification that I’m getting hired as a Sr. software developer. There’s not much of a salary bump (like 10k more a year), but the benefits are amazing.

I’ll still be doing freelance design work on the side.


Wow. Sorry about the accident, but it sounds like you got a new car with your insurance company, in essence, paying for a big part of it. Inconvenient maybe, but not a bad deal in the long run.

Congratulations on the new job. I know the feeling when jobs stagnant, get repetitive and learning new things turns into the boredom of going through the motions of what you’ve already done three dozens times. I’m pretty much in that situation now, so I’ve been taking on a lot of freelance work to keep me interested. Trouble is, I don’t have any free time now.

I hope you like the new job. Ten thousand more per year isn’t a bad raise. :wink:

Damn, sorry to hear that. While it sounds like you got the car things sorted out, do be mindful that the kind of injuries that sometimes result from rear-end impacts might creep up on you weeks or even months later.

Oo, I think that’s a great choice! I’m driving thecrapoutta a '16 and it’s one of the best cars I’ve ever owned.

Congrats! Best of luck with it.

I’d echo Just-B’s and HotButton’s comments.

Sorry to hear about the accident, nice car, congrats on the new job!

I chuckled at this because that opportunity was taken from me with my last car. It felt like someone ruining Game of Thrones for me (other than HBO).

Congrats on the job though! and new car

Ditto congrats on the job.

I’ve been contemplating changing careers into software development myself because there seems to be less age discrimination in professional coding. The only reason I’ve been reluctant is because it makes me think too mechanically and lowers my empathy. Not good for a family with teenage girls. Maybe I’ll go all in on software when the girls move out.

Well the accident sucks for sure … but what a great outcome!

You weren’t injured

You got more than the car was worth allowing you to buy a brand new car.

You got a new job with 10k more a year.

I wish my month was a horrible as yours lol :grin::grin: JK :yum:

Anyhoo… glad the crappy part is over … enjoy that new job and keep us posted on all your new adventures :heart:

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