Social Distancing Graphic Designers

How many of you freelancers were already social distancing before the pandemic?

Has freelance work picked up for you or slowed down?

If you aren’t a freelancer, have you been effected by social distancing or the economy shutdown?

i gave up going out to eat, drinking at bars and weird people on July 7, 2019. i do go years without eating that pizza food as well.

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I am a self-employed designer. Since I worked from home before social distancing, not much has changed other than meetings now being done over the phone or Zoom. Most of my clients have their team working remotely, so I still have work. That said, things have slowed down a bit, but not to the point that I’m unable to keep the bills paid.

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Let me answer the third question about social distancing or economy shutdown. Well, the answer is both yes and no. Yes, because a few clients have suspended their work due to the Covid scare and no because like most people my organization is following a ‘work from home’ schedule.

Have been working from home for years. Nothing changed so far. :crossed_fingers:

I have an office and a home office, so myself and my employee can work remotely without any issues… I’ve picked up roughly 6 projects since the SD began: train car graphics, brochure design, logo design, printing re-order from existing client, another brochure and a trade show booth design… I have a lot of industrial clients, nothing slows those guys down… they’ll work straight through a virus without blinking an eye! - John David

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