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Hey everybody!
I recently was contacted by a local business for social media management, more specifically- “coaching up” a current staff member on social media.

I wondered if I should price this the same as doing the actual management(?) or possibly up charge as it will involve

  1. Teaching/instructing someone and
  2. Could effectively be some form of social media management as I will be walking through the normal process.

Thanks all!

Well it’s up to you, mostly. In any case of setting a price for anything, the weightiest factor is how much the market (your client) will bear. You’d want to avoid sending your client away from a negotiation…

  • Feeling like they trust you less because you attempted to take more of their money than the job is worth.
  • Happy that they would have paid much more had you asked for it.

So because you can’t go in assured your price will fall in the comfort zone for either side, it helps to know what others in the locale are paying for similar service (a matter of research), and whether you can settle for comparable rate. That way you at least know they won’t be able to turn down your price and find something significantly lower. The real trick is keeping the client confident that you are a partner with their best interest in mind. To do that, at some point in the conversation you have to say something to the effect: “Let’s make sure you’re getting an effective solution that aligns with your budget for this.” Hearing that makes them feel empowered, and installs a pivot-point in case you end up needing to tell them “Your budget won’t quite cover a solution of that scope.”

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Are you actually doing the marketing management or just teaching someone else how to manage the company’s social media platforms with existing content.
Big price difference there.

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I will walking them through “best practices” for marketing management. But in that, I will be demonstrating design layout for posts, effective audience targeting and engagement, scheduling etc.

So, while the majority is teaching, their will be a period of managing the account before handing it off.

Long answer short- a marginal blend, probably 20/80 over the duration of the job.

First, you should prepare a layout that how the process is going to work out, how much research you would need to perform, how you gonna mentor their staff member, how many hours/days its gonna take, etc.
Then based on your current charges you can create a maximum to minimum range in which you can operate.

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