Social Media Marketing/Turn-key For A Client

Hey guys! I have a client with a successful business. It’s small and the owner is too busy to take care of their online presence.
Their instagram and Facebook page is dormant.
I have access to images, logo, samples of their work.

Is there an easy way to provide this to them so they can upload their stuff and have control over their content on the fly?

Much appreciated!

Share a Dropbox folder with them maybe.

Good idea. Thanks.

You want to create a social media kit for them.

Exactly. Any suggestions? He also wants his website revamped and I am doing that via WIX.

I have sent you private message with detail please check

If the owner is too busy, that owner will likely still be too busy to do a good job with social media, no matter what you send. Perhaps you have no interest in this, but you could propose to handle their social media posts and replies for them to whatever extent they need. Without a whole lot of your effort, it could provide a steady bit of income and take one more thing off the busy owner’s to-do list.

Good one, too busy to overlook marketing… Business must be good, doesn’t need social media

At any Facebook Ads account there is “Creative Hub”. The owner of business can grant you access of “manager” role (that is limited to you and safe for the owner) to their account and you can upload all your files there. It’s suitable especially for further copying, editing, making A/B tests for ads campaigns and many other manipulations with your creatives.

Thank you.