Social media templates

What is the best way to help a non-designer client with social media post graphics. They would like a “frame” to add to all of their Instagram and Facebook posts for their business. They want to handle the posts themselves, but do not have any design software. Would Canva be useful for this? (If I created a frame template for them). Any other suggestions? Thx!

Basically whatever they find useful.

If that means a PowerPoint slide they update and save as jpg.

Or Canva. Or Ms publisher.
Or Adobe Express
Or Sprout Social

I’ve always found it best to ask the client what do they want

In the end you’re better off handing over the frames and let them use whatever they want.

Don’t get involved in how they operate it.

In 6 months the person doing it will leave the company. And then another bright idiot will want to do it a different way.

So just hand over the files.

Let them figure it out