Sofa Sans

So Ikea have a sofa planner on their website where you can build your ideal sofa out of modular pieces of sofa. Of course people have been using this to come up with crazy designs and Ikea went with it and released a font based on their sofas.

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That gave me a giggle :smiley:

I ran across one of those assembly keys in the junk drawer the other day and wondered WTF it was… Far as I know, the only thing left in the house from IKEA is a small blue lemonade pitcher. No assembly required.

Too funny. Some of these words would be expensive to create in real life too.

I played with it a little bit and basically had an L Shape and was already up to 2500 bucks lmao :smiley: I saw one design that was somewhere around 100k :smiley:

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