Software for creating 3D fonts


Can someone recommend software where I can easily make 3D fonts?
Not Adobe Photoshop, but much easier software.

It would be nice to make something like this: :smiley:

Do you want to make fonts or do you want to apply 3D effects to the glyphs in already existing fonts? These are two very different things with very different answers.

Assuming you want to apply 3D effects to glyphs, there are many different software packages ranging from reasonably cheap to very expensive. Some are stand-alone apps and some are plugins for other applications.

Since you specifically asked about easy-to-use software, just do a Google search for terms like “Make 3D letters” or “3D text maker” or “3D text effects.” You’ll find quite a few lower-cost apps — many of which have free trail versions.

Unfortunately, most everything you find will just use various algorithms to produce the basic canned effects, like beveling, adding shadows, extruding, warping, etc. They won’t produce anything nearly as complicated, interesting or nice-looking as the image you posted. Creating things like that requires lots of skill, practice, talent and the knowledge that comes from using complicated software and drawing tools. There is no easy button for creating good work.

Those letter shapes were drawn by hand or at the very least a heavy weighted sans was heavily manipulated into perspective … with two vanishing points.
Looks like one point aerial but there’s two. One coming from about center front below and the other from center back up behind the letter blocks.

Simple easy stuff with some effort.

‘3D Extrude’ is such a dummy down.

Thank you!
I want to apply 3D effects to glyphs. I’ll search for software and try it out…
Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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