Software for job organization

Hi there.

I was wondering if there is some sort of software that can help me organize graphic design jobs inside my company. Everything is done manually now and in my head but I would like to have some sort of CRM that can attribute job/slot numbers, assign to workers etc…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forum cmnam.

Are you looking for something online that workers can share?

Txs. I don’t mind if its web based.
As long as it let’s create users, permissions, categories, etc…
I’ve tested a few but they are not specific for graphic and web design, so they need a bunch of Mickey mouse tricks and a lot of good will to make it work. At some point we are just wasting more time dealing with CRM then doing the work in some cases.

Another member on this forum has recommended Trello.

We use Label Traxx.

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