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Hi there.

I was wondering if there is some sort of software that can help me organize graphic design jobs inside my company. Everything is done manually now and in my head but I would like to have some sort of CRM that can attribute job/slot numbers, assign to workers etc…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forum cmnam.

Are you looking for something online that workers can share?

Txs. I don’t mind if its web based.
As long as it let’s create users, permissions, categories, etc…
I’ve tested a few but they are not specific for graphic and web design, so they need a bunch of Mickey mouse tricks and a lot of good will to make it work. At some point we are just wasting more time dealing with CRM then doing the work in some cases.

Another member on this forum has recommended Trello.

We use Label Traxx.

You can use Zoho CRM, You need to pay some bucks for that. Once you purchase you just need to create an account with their official email IDs. Once you create it just create a task, and assign them with a date. You can also track the time in the same, so you should know they are utilizing their hours properly or not.

If you have a team of developers then you can present this idea in front of them and they can do it in 15-20 days, Or if you don’t want to pay monthly and ready to spend some money you can hire
“Software Development Company”, they will do it for you. You just need to tell them the requirements.

Yep, we use trello, it is a Kanban board style of project management (

We are a smaller team, and I found a lot of the all-in-one CRM platforms were either more than we needed or just too archaic of a UI. Trello was simple, clean, and easy for us to jump into.

One of Trello’s secret weapons is the ability to link up with other online service that you may already use. You can connect it directly with services like dropbox and slack, letting you fill in the gaps of what it can’t do with other online services.

We actually have it connected to an online automation service called Integromat, which allows for even more under-the-hood connections, and lets an event from one service trigger an event in another services. eg. New project in trello also creates a folder on dropbox with the same name, and a line item in our billing software, etc.

Testing out Trello now as an expanding packaging company, and it seems to be a good interim until we can afford something more geared toward our industry like Esko software. Not too complicated and in-depth like Zoho, and pretty modular so it works for most industries I would think. Gotta create your own templates though because it doesn’t seem like there’s many to choose from.

There are dozens of project management software apps available. A Google search will turn up everything from free and simple to complex, expensive and customizable.

For what it’s worth, we’ve tried, probably, six or seven of them. None have worked well for us. They’ve either been too time-intensive and cumbersome to use or they’ve assumed workflows that don’t consider the various quirks of how we do things.

We’ve finally settled on Google spread sheets, which is the low-end way of doing it, but all things considered, it’s simple, easy and free.

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